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Welcome to the Official Website of USPA’s National Skydiving Championships!

2014 USPA Nationals Has Concluded!


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Where can I get a copy of the rules and the dive pool?

The rules and dive pools for each event can be found on the USPA website, or click here to access the Skydiver’s Competition Manual (SCM). If this is your first time at Nationals, please read Chapter 1 carefully, as well as the section specific to the event you are interested in.

How can I register for Nationals?

Skydive Chicago™ developed an online registration system. Each team captain will need the USPA membership numbers and email addresses of each team member in order to register his/her team. Once your team has been registered, you will receive a confirmation email with directions to complete your registration. Watch the “How to Register” video below.

For more information, please visit the Skydive Chicago website.

Registration Begins September 10, 2014
Competition Days: September 11-23, 2014
USPA National Skydiving Championships
FFI: competition@uspa.org

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